Man Goes Fishing, Catches A Drunk Naked Woman

If you’ve ever so much as dipped a toe in the dating pool you’ll have heard that there are plenty of fish in the sea. And luckily, most of them know they’re not really fish. Most of them.

But recently, in an absurd case of life imitating proverb, a fuckeyed woman in the Atlantic Ocean became the literal catch of the day for a local Floridian fisherman.

The angler was innocently casting a line off the coast of St Augustine last week when 22-year-old Alexandria Turner swam into his path. Turner had been drinking like a dory, apparently, and took it upon herself to paddle over, bite the man’s fishing line and swim off with the rigging. Not before inexplicably swearing at the poor dude, either.

Image: WSVN

Police later attempted to take Turner into custody so she could pay for the rental fishing gear she’d damaged, but she “created a scene” and upset “the sense of public norm at the pier” when she started screaming “I’m fucking naked!”, repeatedly.

So yeah, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. But there’s also drunk naked ladies that’ll swim off with your gear.

Source: The Associated Press
Featured image: Bolgheri Jazz


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