Cops Shut Down Busker For Playing Wonderwall Super Shittily

Ah Wonderwall, what was once the triumphant crooning of a generation has transformed itself into the backbone of many, many underwhelming acoustic sets. While Wonderwall’s popularity might have deteriorated and everyone collectively rolls their eyes when it comes on, you can’t deny that belting out “AND AFTER ALLLLLL” is one of lives greatest pleasures.

No one knows’s this better than Danish police, who recently had to step in and shut down a busker for butchering their beloved song last Thursday, August 17th.

Apparently, coppers in the Northern Danish town of Aalborg were on patrol when they spotted a busker outside a 7/11 wearing his heart on his sleeve and belting out the lyrics to the absolute banger.

The story goes that the coppers stepped in and put a stop to it, an incident report says that “loud, bad and noisy,” and that “he did not sound like Liam Gallagher.” The coppers proceeded to approach the busker, and “sent him home to practice.”


To further add insult to injury, the policemen said: “Just because you can play ‘Wonderwall’ does not mean you should.” Which, is advice every dude who’s just starting to wield the seductive powers of the guitar should know.

Tough break for our acoustic mate, but a big thank you to the authorities for stepping in and preventing the most heinous of crimes: a below average cover of Wonderwall.




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