Man Gets His Finger Chomped Off At A Sydney Wedding

A full-grown man bit off another full-grown man’s finger at a Sydney wedding on Saturday night. No joke.

The sacred union of two lovers turned violent during their reception at Campbelltown’s Court Tavern, when guests noticed a 42-year-old wedding crasher creeping around trying to flog people’s handbags. The burglar bit off more than he could chew when he was confronted by one guest in particular: a 47-year-old man who presumably stopped himself midway through cutting a rug to ‘Single Ladies’ just so he could walk up to the intruder and ask what in the bloody hell he thought he was doing.

A scuffle broke out, one man’s finger ended up in the other man’s mouth – you know how these things go – and the wedding crasher went full Gollum, biting and severing the middle digit right down to the first knuckle.

Image: Top Notch Video

That fingertip is now sitting in a hospital fridge, after doctors failed to sew it back on to the victim’s hand. The biter has been arrested and charged.

In the wake of this red wedding, the NSW state government has threatened a major crackdown on licensed venues that host boozy receptions – despite the man being “a complete random that walked off the street”, according to one of the guests. And some 50km’s outside the lockout zones, at that.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald/Daily Telegraph
Feature image: New Line Cinema


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