Man cops a $14M bond after daring judge to raise his bond

I think as humans, we’re pretty much pre-wired to challenge any inkling of authority that opposes us. When we were young, we’d mouth off to parents and teachers, refusing to back down until our demands were met. As adults, we yell at bartenders who decide to cut us off while we’re standing there 10 deep in whatever inhuman concoction of drugs and alcohol we’ve been devouring.

However, even the most volatile people know that there is a time and place to spout your bullshit, and sitting in a courtroom probably isn’t it. Tell that to a certain Charles Nichols. whose bond skyrocketed to a staggering $14 million after he continued to piss the judge off.

Old mate was standing in front of Judge Phillip Maxie on sex charges involving a minor before it all went down. The judge originally gave the 33-year-old a $50,000 bond but Nichols wasn’t having a bar of it. He stood up, told the judge to “go fuck himself” and proceed to flip off him and everyone else in the courtroom.

What a charming man.

At this point, Judge Maxie told him to take a seat or he’d raise his bond, to which Nichols said he didn’t care and dared the judge to slap him with a $1 million bond – so he did. Apparently, Nichols challenged the bench again, daring Judge Maxie to raise his bond all the way to $10 million, so he did.

This went on for a while until Nichols bond sat at $14 million. I guess if you can’t afford to pay the initial bond, you may as well make the news.


Source: WNCN


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