Man Arrested for Having Sex With a Drain in Broad Daylight

As Valentines Day approaches, it’s important to consider the meaning of love. For some, love comes from a place of deep spiritual understanding, a place that recognises the qualities of a person and loves them for it. For others, seeing a particularly good looking drain in the middle of a street is good enough reason to down ya dacks and have a bloody red hot go.

Florin Grosu, a bloke from the UK, was remanded in custody after he was caught doing the dirty with a drain cover in the middle of the day. Despite a drain being amongst the worst places to stick your dick on a summers day, Grosu didn’t seem to mind as he was seen thrusting and adjusting while onlookers walked past. If the movie ‘It’ taught me anything, it’s that putting ANY body part inside a drain is unlikely to end well.

The drain where the man was filmed 'having sex' in broad daylight in East London

The victim

After Grosu finished up with the drain of his dreams, police were on hand pretty damn quickly to arrest him. Old mate has now been charged with outraging public decency by simulating sex with a drain cover as well as exposing his genitals to cause distress or alarm. Interestingly, he’s also been charged with criminal damage to a police cell mattress, I don’t particularly want to imagine the reason why.

If found guilty – which there’s a pretty good chance of – Grosu will spend up to six months in prison. Let’s hope he finds a nice sewage drain that’ll keep him company eh?

Source: Evening Times

Photo: Evening Times


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