Bored Pilot Sends Plane into Nosedive While Playing With His Camera

Works a pretty boring place to be, you’re surrounded by people you don’t particularly like and customers who seem to think that buying something from a shop equates to being supreme ruler and overlord of anyone who works there. It’s easy to daydream and wish you were someone else, maybe sinking tinnies on a 40-degree day instead of sitting in an unairconditioned room writing articles, but hey maybe that’s just me.

With some jobs, it’s alright to occasionally tune out and ignore the world for a few minutes. However, pilots are definitely NOT one of those jobs, as RAF pilot Andrew Townshend discovered. While flying nearly 200 service personnel to Afghanistan, Townshend sent the plane into a nosedive after a camera he had been playing with jammed the flight controls. Sorry mate, probably not the best time to be practicing your amateur photography side gig.


As the plane nosedived, things went a bit tits up and passengers were pinned to the ceiling as the plane went weightless. Townshend’s co-pilot, who had a left the cockpit for a quick cuppa, helped him as the pair desperately tried to regain control of the aircraft. After a bit of a fight with the controls, both pilots managed to regain control and stop the planeful of soldiers from dying before they’d even got to Afghanistan.

Just like anyone who’s had a fuck-up at work that they want to cover up, Townshend declared that he was “Not sure what had happened” over the plane’s PA system and proceeded to lie in a technical log and service inquiry.

As expected, old mate’s in a bit of trouble over the incident and is now being court-martialed. The trail is expected to last about 2 weeks, which sucks because now he’ll have to miss his 2-week long “Introduction to Photography” night class.

Source: Telegraph




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