Make Your Pet An Absolute Unit With Samurai Armour

Pets are, very obviously, a huge part of a lot of people’s lives. I think it’s fair to say that ‘pet-culture’ has absolutely rocketed itself into the mainstream, I can’t step outside the house without someone canoodling over a pupper or fawning over a particularly cute pet meme.

Well, buckle up, because the good folks at Samurai Age are here with an invention no one knew they needed… until now. Expanding on their range of miniature armour for dolls and bottles of sake, the Japanese design company have unveiled a range of Samurai armour for your little furry friend.

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate that it is 2017 and things like this exist. Each set is made one-by-one from a light foam resin and polyurethane so your pet won’t be weighed down when it’s knocking around those nerdy pets at the park.

The basic pet armour, which comes in four different colours, will run you between AUD$150 to AUD$180. The suits are made for cats and small dogs but the company are happy to take custom orders so you can deck out your (big) little buddy in the most fly feudal gear.

And according to Kotaku, the company handle international orders as well. Give the website a sus and complete your dream of dressing your pet as a cold-blooded killer.

Image: Samurai age


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