Looks like Netflix Is Prototyping A New ‘Binge Mode’

Everyone knows that besides never finding what you want to watch and letting someone else pay for your subscription, a basic rule of Netflix is that you have to, no matter what, binge the entire series in one sitting.

I know, it sounds unfair but I don’t make the rules. Well, at least it looks like the good folks at Netflix may have found a resolution at their company Hack Day, a day where engineers can show off and pitch ideas for the platform.

Introducing Binge Mode: a feature that will revolutionise your procrastination and actually make it feel like you achieved something by watching 36 straight hours of television. Binge Mode will allow viewers to see how far they’ve come in a show, and how long they have left until it’s all over.

Have a gander below for the engineer’s explanation.

Each bubble represents an episode, as the viewer blasts their way through the show, they’ll start to see the bubbles fill up and time left to binge go down. It’s believed that giving viewers a visual overview of how long they have left with a show could help them to go back and finish off series that they may have got bored of or simply didn’t finish.

While it isn’t currently clear if we’ll be able to Binge Mode to our heart’s content just yet, we can surely expect Netflix to incorporate it in the future.

Source: Pedestrian.tv




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