Kenyan Vice President Candidate Forced To Debate Himself After No One Shows Up

It’s always awkward when you’re the first one to rock up to a function, it’s even more awkward when it’s been an hour and a half and you’re still the only one there getting stuck into the nibbles.

Sure, being one of the only ones at a party can be pretty disheartening, but imagine you were running for your country’s second most important job and you were the only person to show up!

Which is exactly what happened to Eliud Muthiora Kariara, a former banker turned politician, who found himself surrounded by five empty podiums at a recent televised debate when his rivals failed to show up.

Apparently, old mate stood there for a bloody hour, fielding questions from the audience and a panel of moderators, and assumingly wondering where the fuck everyone else was.

It isn’t currently known why the other participants didn’t show up, although some claim that the format of the debate was enough to sufficiently piss off the politicians. Broadcasters had planned on letting 6 minor candidates battle it out before letting the big boys from the major parties get to work a little bit later.

This didn’t seem to please the rest of them, as all participants assumed they’d be debating simultaneously. “We made it clear that we shall take part at 8 pm Debates that was to bring all candidates together,” Ekuru Aukot, presidential candidate for Third Way Alliance, said on Twitter to explain why his running mate did not take part.

Others have said that they weren’t given the details for the debate, but the organisation running the event has promptly called bullshit and said everyone was notified.

“The suggestion that the campaigns did not know about these debates is therefore at best dishonest,” a statement said.

So there you go, on the plus side, at least old mate got to practice his debating skills.

Source: Reuters

Image: YouTube



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