Kelis Finally Reveals The Recipe For Her Milkshake

It’s been 14 long years since Kelis first boasted about her milkshake: namely, the fact that it brought all the boys to the yard and that those boys all agreed it was a better milkshake than yours.

It’s a weird and audacious brag in any case, but the song has always frustrated me for the fact that Kelis never really elaborates much further than that. Like, what’s in the milkshake? Why is it so good? Are we even talking about a dairy-based beverage here?

Well the Grammy-nominated songstress has finally put her money where her mouth is and coughed up the recipe to her now world-famous shake. And it turns out it’s a bit of a boozer.

Kelis – who is also a trained chef and a graduate at hospitality institution Le Cordon Bleu – shared the ingredients and preparation method for ‘My Milkshake’ over the weekend. Cop a squizz below.



3 oz Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur
8 oz Ginger Beer
4 scoops Chocolate Ice Cream
5 pieces Candied Ginger
1/2 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
Chili Cinnamon Rim

Ginger Infused Whipped Cream for Garnish



1. Combine Baileys, ginger beer, chocolate ice cream, candied ginger and cayenne pepper in a blender with a cup of ice. Blend until smooth.
2. Pour mixture into glass with chili-cinnamon-sugar rim (1:1:1).
3. Top with ginger infused whipped cream and a piece of candied ginger.

4. Check the yard.

Source and image: Refinery 29
Feature image: YouTube


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