Get A Load Of This ‘Robo-Fridge’, For When Walking 10 Meters Is Just Too Hard

The world’s a strange place in 2017, and people are busy, very busy. Bombarded with university assignments, an ever-increasing workload and the inability to do anything that might be even a slight inconvenience, we simply don’t have enough time or energy anymore.

Which is why it’s such a blessing that the good lads at Panasonic have conceptualized something that literally EVERYONE needs: a robotic fridge that will bring food to you at your beck and call.

That’s right, this bad boy is here so you don’t have to interrupt your v important Netflix binge sesh.

It’s voice activated, works very much like a Roomba and is even set to cop a cheeky hot plate upgrade, meaning this thing could heat up your pizza and bring you a cold drink!

The robot was unveiled at the fancy schmancy international electronics trade show:  Internationale Funkausstellung. Panasonic showcased a whole heap of other stuff as part of their ‘Better Living Tomorrow’ collection, including a smart sake cooler that’s connected to a brewery database, and a washing machine that can actually scan individual labels and wash clothes accordingly.

Panasonic says it’s trying to invent technologies that “support a variety of aspects of our lives, making the time spent with family and friends more delightful”“.

While it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing robot fridges anytime soon, at least we’ve caught a glimpse of the future and I must say, it’s beautiful.



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