High School’s Muck Up Day Water Fight Escalates Into Full Blown Gun Fight

Muck Up Days are an interesting thing. They’re a perfect representation of high school obnoxiousness where other people’s property is often vandalised and younger years hunted down like wounded antelope, they’re also loose as fuck.

Your school’s Muck Up Day might have been pretty hectic (dishwashing detergent on the staircase and tieing first years to trees is always a good option), but at least it didn’t get as crazy as this school in America.

Birmingham High School decided to hold a water balloon fight for their Muck Up Day (called a senior skip day in the States) but shit hit the fan when guns were pulled. Apparently, the incident occured when some fella started throwing eggs around, which then got on the suspect’s vehicle. Most likely knowing eggs somewhat unfavourable effect on car paint, the suspect proceeded to open fire and another person began firing back.


Two senior girls were injured by the fight and a third person was injured by glass, which is pretty bloody rough for your run of the mill Muck Up Day.  Fortunately, the injuries weren’t life-threatening, but one person was grazed in the eye and another copped a bullet to the buttocks.

Cops were initially called out to what they thought was your standard high school rough and tumble, then reports of gunshots came in and officers high tailed to the scene of the crime. Police reported that one car on the scene had been hit by bullets and that one car which had also been hit had already left the scene.

The car park was littered with balloons, water guns, and shell casings. Later on, a fight broke out at a nearby neighbourhood involving family and friends of the victim, but the cops got on it pretty quick.

As of now, no one is in custody and the investigation is ongoing.

Source and image: AL.com


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