Health Canada Kindly Reminds Everyone Not To Eat Laundry Detergent

Okay, I’m just gonna say it. We’ve all thought about popping a laundry detergent or dishwashing pod into our mouths and chomping into the vivid colours like it’s a big ol’ piece of candy.

Of course, anyone with even an ounce of foresight can tell you that it wouldn’t be a fun time, but with the overwhelming meme hype surrounding Tide Pods right now, Health Canada thought they should probably step in and remind you what a bloody horrible idea it is.


On Wednesday, Health Canada took to Twitter to post a statement regarding the pods, seeing as the meme has absolutely exploded in the last few days. The joke is that detergent pods look bloody delicious, and everyone kinda wants to try one.

“Because laundry detergent packets are small and often brightly coloured, children can mistake them for food or toys,” Health Canada’s statement said.

“A laundry detergent packet can also burst in a child’s hand with only a small amount of pressure. The packet’s membrane can dissolve quickly with moisture.”

They also mentioned that eating a pod could cause vomiting, stomach pain and breathing problems… as if eating one sounds like an appealing idea to anyone anyway.

If you do happen to eat a pod, you should most definitely call emergency services, sit down and have a good hard think about your life.

Source: Health Canada



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