Have A Gander At Marilyn Manson Roasting Justin Bieber On Live Radio

Forget Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather, forget the impending doom imposed on us by two world leaders who resemble toddlers and forget trying to take your pants off in one movement while you’re absolutely smashed.

Because the clash of the ages is here: Justin Bieber vs Marilyn Manson.

If you’re unfamiliar with the enthralling world of celebrity gossip, the story goes that Manson met Bieber while Bieber was wearing one of those faux vintage shirts that have famous rock stars on them, this one had Manson sprawled across it.

Apparently, Bieber said “I made you relevant again” in an attempt at being funny, but it actually resulted in Manson calling him a “real piece of shit” in an interview with Consequence of Sound.

Bieber then proceeded to apologise to a rather unconcerned Manson through texts, while Manson continues to not give even one single fuck about the whole ordeal.

So on Tuesday, while Manson was making the rounds on a number of radio stations, he decided to read out Bieber’s messages live on air on a SiriusXM radio show.

It’s a bit of a doozie. Manson manages to emit a pretty solid Bieber impression, while simultaneously likening him to a clingy girl who he’s had the displeasure of interacting with post hook-up.

Have a gander below, and consider this beef well and truly over.

Source: SiriusXM Radio

Image: Entertainment Tonight


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