Girl’s World Comes Crashing Down As She Realises We Live On The Earth, Not Inside It

We’ve all had siblings or family member who utter something so unbelievably stupid that we can’t quite understand how we are related. For instance, when I was younger I was looking out the window and saw the clouds were moving, I absolutely shit myself as I believed our home was rolling away and charged downstairs to interrupt Mum on a very important phone call.

Well have a gander at this familiar family banter, as one Twitter users father and younger sister are absolutely mindblown by the fact we live on the surface of the earth and not inside it.

“I thought we were living inside! I thought this whole time we were living inside the earth. They [science teachers] never told me we were living on top,” she says. Then her Dad chimes in with something about us living inside clouds? The whole concept becomes hard to follow.

Thinking that we live in a snow globe where the sky is the surface of the world and we’re all clamouring to get to the top is pretty fucking hilarious, but it’s not as great as sharing a wholesome family moment that you’ll remember forever.


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