73-Year-Old Woman Pulls Up To Doctor With A Sack Of Meth, Asks If It Might Be Damaging Her Health

Whenever I go to the doctor for whatever reason, and they tell me that my hedonistic and destructive lifestyle might potentially damage my health in years to come, I always look at them like this.

Although I’m not quite ready to put my hand up and claim total responsibility for the absolute trashing my body has had to endure, at least I’m not washing down my brain candy with a Kombucha and claiming to be the epitome of health.

Unlike this 73-year-old woman, who rocked up to her doctor’s with a sack of meth and asked if she could have it tested because she was worried about the effect meth could have on her general health.

If there’s one thing that meth is known for it, it’s that all its users look energetic and healthy.

The doctor proceeded to test the sample, and upon finding that the drug was in fact meth he called the police and had them whisk the elderly lady away.

The lady was then charged with two counts of possession of methamphetamine and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia. She was released two days after visiting the doctor.

The investigation is still ongoing, but it’s hard to see a scenario in which it works out for her.



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