Floor Collapses At Party After Some Legend Gets A Hold Of The Aux And Blasts Chief Keef

Those first few parties when you get to University are insane, a bunch of sweaty, drunk 18-20-year-olds who have no idea how to act while intoxicated and everyone’s clamoring to play the best banger on the aux.

There are a few songs that can stir a crowd into an instant party, but apparently playing Faneto by Chief Keef is enough to send a crowd into full on riot mode and wreck a building in the process.

Now if that song doesn’t make you want to break into your own house and rob your family, I’m not sure what will.

Student’s at Clemson apparently thought the same, which is why you can see them going absolutely fucking off in the video below.

Around 30 people were injured from the incident and luckily no one was hurt, on student said “You could hear the floor about to go through, kind of, but nobody thought it was going to happen. They just kept going.”

Apparently, the kids fell through to what is actually the apartment complex’s pool room, so it was literally a miracle that no one was downstairs enjoying themselves or they would have seen 500 kids fall on top of them.

One bloke said he tried to drag his friends to the balcony before they fell, “They weren’t hurt at all but other people were crying, bleeding, it was just a shocking moment for everyone,” he said. “They then evacuated everyone and ambulances and a helicopter came for all of the injured individuals.”

Clemson University will most definitely be looking into the incident and I’d bet my bottom dollar that those who were responsible are absolutely shaking right now.


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