Flight Evacuated After Chinese Passenger Threw Coins In Plane’s Engine For Luck

We’ve all got our weird superstitions. Some people like to sit in a particular spot in the locker room before a big game, some say “White Rabbit” on the first of every month as if their lives depended on it, and some people throw coins at planes because that’s apparently where we are in 2017.

One particular passenger, only known by the name Qiu, stirred up a bit of a ruckus when she lobbed a few coins in an aeroplane’s engine on Tuesday, claiming that it was for ‘good luck’.

The 80-year-old was detained by police at Shanghai Pudong International Airport following the situation, and nearly 150 passengers were forced to evacuate from the China Southern Airlines flight.

According to airport security, the woman lobbed eight coins and of those eight and one became nestled in the plane’s engine. They added that another passenger saw her and reported her to authorities.

“A senior passenger threw coins to the plane’s engine and delayed the flight. The passenger involved has been taken away by police,” China Southern Airlines said in a statement on its Twitter-like Weibo account.

“In order to make sure the flight is safe, China Southern maintenance has conducted a full exam of the plane’s engine.”

Upon further inspection, the police confirmed in a statement that “After investigation, the involved passenger surnamed Qiu said she threw the coins to pray for safety. According to Qiu’s neighbour, Qiu believes in Buddhism.

“The plane is boarding again for takeoff.”

So there you go, maybe stick to throwing coins in the fountain instead of functional machinery.

Source: Channel News Asia

Image: LateDeparture 


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