81 Y.O Fanging For A Coffee Leads Police On Exhilarating 40km/h Chase

Who can say that they’re a completely sane person before downing their cup of hot bean juice in the morn? I like to set my alarm 20 minutes before I’m supposed to wake up, hit an espresso and go back to bed until I arise from my slumber feeling as fresh as a daisy. It’s the little things that make the crushing dread of reality a little bit easier to face each day.

No one knows this better than Nancy Strider, who led police on a very low-key police chase through Texas at 5 am on Thursday morning. Nancy was on the hunt for a coffee and something for eat when a couple of nerds called the cops on her because she was driving the wrong way on a busy street and possibly driving in circles. Big deal.

Nancy did have the courtesy to pull over for the cops the first time they stopped her, but after a brief intermission, she was back on the road and back to not giving a fuck. She terrorised the roads at a staggering 40 kilometres an hour like the adrenaline-filled speed junkie she is.

“During their conversation of trying to get her to exit the vehicle or open the door, she starts to pull forward,” Officer Shane Kizer told local news station, WFAA. “They warn her not to drive away. She stops briefly and then she takes off.”

Police chased Nancy for five kilometres before she pulled over again, they did a quick slash of the old tires and Nancy was stuck. After refusing to open her doors, the police were forced to smash her window and detain her.

Here’s the kicker, when they asked her why she was refusing to answer their questions she said “Because I hate to answer stupid people. It’s my life.”


Police said Nancy had no signs of mental illness or blood sugar issues and there was also no sign that she was drunk. Her family posted the $1,000 and she went on her merry way, all’s well that ends well.

Source: Fox News

Image: Food and Wine Mag


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