Feast Your Eyes On This Wild Stoned Koala Detective Game

If you’ve been hankering to play a game where you take on the role of a weed-loving, foul-mouthed koala who needs to solve a case then guess what, you’ve got extremely specific tastes.

But thanks to Convict Games, you can frivolously pour hours into one of the only “hip-hop noir” games in existence.

Basically, you assume the role of a koala who absolutely froths kush, hip-hop and fighting crime but now has to track down the love of his life and save her from any harm.

Speaking to Pedestrian.tv, game creator Greg Louden said “We wanted to push interactive storytelling further, to bring noir to 2018, it had to be hip-hop. Hip-hop to me also is about wordplay and STONE is filled with references and throwbacks. The whole koala anthropomorphic concept came from the fact it’s a great metaphor.”

The game draws on a buttload of references and draws inspiration from Hunter S. Thompson, The Big Lebowski and techno music.

It’s coming out next week for PC and Mac, so pack a bowl and get ready to solve some fkn crime.


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