Bloke Ruptures Stomach After Taking GHB And Shoving 15 Hard-Boiled Eggs Up His Arse

Shelving is a somewhat tentative joke around a group of mates – it’s hilarious to suggest at any given opportunity but no one actually wants to have to press a dirty pinga inside their anus.

That is, of course, unless you’re this Dutch bloke who took a bunch of GHB with his partner and then boiled and peeled 15 eggs before shoving them all into his rectum.


Obviously, this was a recipe for disaster as old mate began to experience some pretty intense stomach pains, which would be expected if he ate the eggs let alone shoved them up his poop flower.

They managed to get themselves to a hospital, where he had a CT scan and emergency surgery after doctors suspected he was suffering from abdominal sepsis.

“Visible in the CT scan were a perforation in the sigmoid [pelvic colon] and a considerable amount of air and fluid in the abdominal cavity,” the doctors reported. “Therefore, we deemed an emergency laparotomy [a surgical incision into the abdominal cavity] necessary.”

Old mate was forced to stay in intensive care for a few days while they made sure none of the eggs had hatched, but he was eventually let go with the all clear.

We’re guessing he won’t be rushing to do that again.

Image: Medical News Today


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