Elon Musk Is Selling Dirt Cheap Flamethrowers In Preparation For The Zombie Apocalypse

Elon Musk is going to singlehandedly save the world. Maybe it’ll be by terraforming a Taco Bell on Mars; maybe, somehow, by solving South Australia’s energy woes. Both of these are very good, noble causes that the whip-smart philanthropist has put his noggin to in recent times.

But if you’ve ever seen The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later or the first half-minute of Taylor Swift’s film clip for ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, you’ll know there are more pressing concerns for humanity-at-large. Namely: zombies.

Look what you made me do, Elon.

Well fear not, neckbearded doomsday preppers: E-Musk has heard your Reddit posts about the impending apocalypse of the undead, and he’s offering up a solution. An affordable solution.

The Lord of Tesla is now selling flamethrowers for a measly USD 500 a piece.

Image: ABC News

The Boring Company, Musk’s infrastructure and construction group, recently made it possible to pre-order flamethrowers from their online store – an online store that, up until that point, had traded solely in branded dad hats. Shortly thereafter, the Silicon Valley hotshot tweeted the following:

Musk also drummed up excitement for the product through a series of promotional claims, such as “great for roasting nuts” and “guaranteed to liven up any party.” He then went on to silence any fake news cynics by posting the following, very absurd and slightly unsettling video to Instagram:

As of today, The Boring Company has sold more than 10,000 of the nut-roasting, party-starting zombie slayers. That’s more than USD 5 million already in the bank. The company hopes to sell a total of 20,000 units, with the money raised going toward funding for an extremely expensive tunnel-building project.

Flamethrowers aren’t restricted by federal law in the States, and private ownership is not illegal. Unfortunately for all you firebugs down under, it is illegal to import or own a flamethrower in Australia.


Source: Newsweek
Feature image: The Daily Dot


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