Elon Musk Is Keen To Roll Out ‘Dog Mode’ In Tesla Cars To Keep Your Pups Safe

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than walking past a parked car on a hot day to see a sweltering dog inside, with no access to fresh air or water. While most of us would see if the coast was clear and bust the window in and save the dog, sometimes it’s not that simple.

That’s where Tesla Megamind Elon Musks comes in. According to a recent Twitter exchange, Musk could very well introduce a “dog mode” to Tesla cars, ensuring your pup stays safe while you’re out and about.

The elevator pitch of dog mode is essentially a mode that will monitor the internal temperature of the car, while also displaying a screen that lets passer-bys know that your pup is safe.

Tales of poor dogs trapped in cars are certainly not few and far between. If it’s a hot day out I’d bet my bottom dollar that people keep their eyes peeled for any dogs suffering, hopefully, this is one step towards ensuring all dogs are as comfortable and chill as our friend down below.



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