Teacher Receives Over $125K In Donations After Wailing On A Shit Head Student

They say that you should never work with children or animals, but if you ask any teacher from grade 10 down it’s pretty clear they’re both the same thing. Seriously, kids can be absolutely fkn brutal, so it’s always nice to see the evil ones taken down a couple of pegs.

One teacher called Mr Riley from Maywood School in the States did just that in a fairly unconventional way by beating a racist shit talking student the fuck up, and now donations are pouring in for him in order to deal with his legal battles and fines.

The carnage starts at around 13 seconds in, and you can clearly see the teacher going to down on the kid and using what looks like his phone to give him a hiding.

After the incident, Mr Riley was taken to jail. A Go Fund Me Page was promptly started and as of the time of writing, he’s received a whopping $125k in donations.

Now, obviously, a teacher can’t just slap up a student and get away with it on account of the kid being a gobshite.

It looks like Mr Riley will probably be fired and will have to go through legal action, so here’s hoping he actually gets the donations and can find a decent legal team.


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