Elderly Couple Look for Garage Sale, End Up At Illegal Warehouse Rave

Everyone likes to think they have cool grandparents. They’ll tell stories about how their Grandad killed a bunch of people in WW2 or how they swear Nana laced a batch of brownies with the good stuff one time, and that’s all well and good, but did your parents rock up to an illegal rave and kicked it with a bunch of muzz heads?

Although Dick and Lil Dickens sounds like the name of a terrible 19th century themed rap duo, they’re actually two 80 somethings from England that had the pleasure of stumbling upon an illegal warehouse rave while they were looking for a garage sale.


The pair had been out shopping in Cambridge when they saw what they thought was a massive warehouse garage sale. Turns out Dick and Lil got more than they bargained for and the garage sale ended up being the remnants of a 1000 person strong sesh.

Dick reckoned ‘We had been out shopping and saw all these cars outside. There was no music or anything like that. The cars were parked all over the place. We thought it was a sale,” he went on to say  “I don’t think we were the only ones as there were several people wandering over to see what was going on.”

Paul Allen, the bloke that took the picture, said the couple seemed pretty surprised to see a bunch of filthy rave heads in the warehouse but ended up “having as good time as anybody else.”

“When they came in we thought they were going to have a bit of a moan but they were alright with us.

“They seemed like a decent little couple.”

The ravers caused an estimated £50,000 worth of damage to the warehouse, which belongs to a 63-year-old businessman. As for Dick and Lil, it doesn’t look like their trip to the warehouse triggered any urges to muzz out:

‘We had a look in and that was it. When we realised that it wasn’t a sale we left. We’re in our 80s so we don’t want to get mixed up in anything like that.

Source and image: Dailymail 


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