Elderly Couple Caught With Over $435,000 Worth Of ‘Christmas Presents’

You might think your family functions get pretty lit, what with the 6 cartons of beer you all happily demolish and the numerous bottles of wine that get sucked up by the ‘classy’ ladies of the family, but if your grandparents aren’t rocking up with more than 60 pounds of weed, can you even call it a party?

Which is exactly what two green-thumbed heroes from York, Nebraska intended to do… before they were apprehended by police for carrying over 60 pounds of kush in the back of their Ute.

The 80-year-old man and an 83-year-old woman claimed that the weed was simply meant as gifts for their family, but coppers had a hard time believing they were going to chuff through nearly $336,000 US ($435,000 AUD) worth of weed for Christmas, so they carted them off to jail.

York County Sheriff’s Department deputies pulled over Patrick and Barbara Jiron on Tuesday for driving erratically. They caught a whiff of the good stuff, presumably because they were 60 pounds hidden, and began searching.

As you’d expect, they found bags and bags of weed, which was more than enough to have felony charges for possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver thrown at them.

Unless they had a family the size of a small village, I seriously doubt that the kush was merely for ‘presents’, but it would certainly make family functions just a little bit more bearable.


Source: VICE



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