Cooked Sheep Gets Head Stuck In Traffic Cone

The loosest sheep in Hertfordshire had one giant cone too many last weekend, getting into a spot of bother when she lodged her head in the shaft of a witch’s hat.

The ewe was spotted cutting around the fields of a farm in Chorleywood, in England’s southwest, with the bright orange traffic cone mounted on her noggin. Multiple witnesses reported a “trapped” sheep without actually doing anything about it, until eventually the RSPCA were called in to sort it out. “I managed to grab the cone and she backed away from me so she popped right out,” said inspector Rachel Smith in an interview with London’s Evening Standard.

While no one seems to be clear as to how the sheep got a fucking traffic cone stuck on its head, it does feel like a fitting way to bookend a year that’s seen the election of Donald Trump and the deaths of Bowie, Prince and Harambe. It’s been a shocker, and there is perhaps no better reaction to 2016 than this.


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