Aussie Bloke Spent $2.1 Million From A Bank Error On Strippers And Cocaine

Photo: Ray Strange

A local Aussie battler sank more than $2 million into strippers, coke and luxury cars after cottoning on to a glitch that allowed him to overdraw his bank account.

29-year-old Luke Moore opened up a Complete Freedom account with St George bank when he was 22, unemployed and on the dole. When it became apparent that the universe’s community chest had dealt him a tidy bank error in his favour, Moore went full Bart Simpson and spent the dosh on literally whatever he wanted: from a Maserati, an Aston Martin and a speedboat to an autographed picture of Kylie Minogue.


After two good years of making it rain with the bank’s money, however, Moore’s spending spree came to a grinding halt when authorities were notified that he owed the bank somewhere around $2.1 million. Locked up for five months and facing a further four-and-a-half years behind bars, the cheeky devil has now been granted a get-out-of-jail-free card on the basis that no actual deception had taken place.

Moore now lives with his mum in Goulburn and sustains himself on a diet of two-minute noodles. “I had to give everything back and I now drive a shoebox falcon,” he said in a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph– but not before taking a moment to reflect, wistfully, on the time when he had it all. “I enjoyed driving around in flash cars with no shirt, no shoes and with the wind in my hair whistling at the meter maids on the Gold Coast.”

Seven years later and Luke Moore is a wiser and humbler man, having come to the profound realisation that you don’t need riches to be winning in life. “I’ve learned money doesn’t buy everything,” he said. “I pull more chicks now with $20 in my pocket than I did when I was splashing the bank’s cash.”



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