Chinese Fella Invents A Smart Cooking Robot ‘Cos He’s Tired Of His Wife Whinging

They say there’s only so much nagging a man can take until he snaps and does what needs to be done. In some cases, that’s actually doing the thing he’s been nagged to do but for Chinese inventor He Qing, that meant crafting a v luxe cooking robot to fix all his problems.

The CEO of a Shanghai-based food service catering company, Qing had spent 8 years making the robot cooker so he could get his wife off his back.

“The smart robot cooker not only liberates me from the kitchen but also liberates women from the kitchen,” He told Pear Video.

“The dish is so delicious; the robot cooker has better cooking skills than me,” said one person.

Apparently, it only takes the robot four or so minutes to chef up a feed, and from there it has an automatic cleaning system so you don’t have to get too close and personal with the robot.

The robot is only currently available for rent, and you’ll have to throw down a $1,500 deposit to secure it and then about 15 cents for every meal cooked.

“The most difficult part of cooking is not stir-frying dishes, but preparing raw materials. It seems that the cooker hasn’t solved the problem of cleaning and cutting the cooking materials,” said Weibo user @mushimuzhao.

Certainly not a bad investment, if you’re the laziest person in the world.


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