Barber Sentenced To 8 Months In Prison For Giving Someone A Shit Haircut

Getting a shit haircut is a lot like having bad sex, it’s pretty shit but once it’s over with you can’t really complain. While the most I’ve ever done to get back at a barber is scowl on my way out, dishing out prison sentences would certainly ensure that they keep those hands steady.

One hairdresser found out that you can’t go clipping peoples hair however you feel like because it’s most likely going to catch up to you. Abdulrahim Omar was trying to teach a young boy who was quite proud of his up do some respect as the kid was continually trying to use clippers on himself.

So Omar did the only reasonable thing and shaved his head down to a number one and let his peers mock the child ruthlessly.

That didn’t sit too well with old mate, so he decided to get the police involved and Omar found himself in some deep shit.

The 21-year-old plead guilty causing actual bodily home and was jailed for eight months. He reckons that he was only trying to teach the kid a lesson, but it quite evidently backfired.

Prosecutor Alex Radley said: “The young man was proud of his hairstyle and felt that it was important to him. He suffered psychological and physical harm.”

Ahtiq Raja, mitigating, said: “Mr Omar recognises he made a grave mistake. He fully understands it now. He is of previous good character and pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and is very, very sorry for his actions. 

“He knows there is no excuse and knows what he has done is fundamentally wrong. The actions were a one-off.”

Is it just me, or does eight months in prison for shaving someone’s head not seem a bit fucking ridiculous? At least old mate can keep his skills sharp and do some trimming in the can.

Image: The Idle Man


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