Chef Throws Chilli Powder In The Eyes of An Unhappy Customer

Hoeing into a tandoori chicken and getting a mouthful of poorly cooked meat fucking sucks – no argument. But it’s not the worst thing in the world. Copping a handful of chilli powder straight to the peepers, on the other hand, may well be.

Just ask David Evans, a customer at The Prince of Bengal curry house in Wales. David had a taste of two evils a few weeks ago when he and his wife decided to go out for a succulent Indian meal. Only it wasn’t succulent. It was, allegedly, a little tough. A little rubbery. And so David passed his quibbles on to the chef.

The chef’s name was Kamrul Islam. Kamrul is the owner of The Prince of Bengal curry house, and was none too pleased to hear that his kiln-roasted bird was anything less than delightful. He approached Mr and Mrs Evans to inform them that “It’s fucking tandoori chicken,” which was true. It was tandoori chicken. But the tandoori chicken that night was just a little bit shit.

The meal that started it all. (Image: Indiamarks)

“Don’t fucking touch me,” Kamrul shouted when Mrs Evans touched him on the arm for some reason, and stormed off to the kitchen. David followed, indignant at both the fact that he’d been served subpar chicken and the fact that the chef was now rebuking his wife’s advances. But by the time he reached the entrance to the kitchen, Kamrul was ready and waiting.

And that’s when David copped a handful of chilli powder straight to the peepers.

(Image: The Times)

David was promptly taken to the hospital for his severely over-seasoned eyes, where doctors used a saline drip to give them a good rinse. He was found to have suffered burns where the chilli powder struck.

Kamrul, for his part, is now on trial for causing actual bodily harm to one of his customers – a terrible faux pas for a chef, apparently.

“The prosecution case is that this defendant grabbed a handful of chilli powder and threw it in the face of David Evans, thereby causing him difficulties with his eyes,” said prosecutor Stephen Donaghue.

(Image: Deccan Chronicle)

But Kamrul is playing the self-defence card, claiming that he felt as though David was going to get him good once they were alone in the kitchen. If that were the case, Kamrul suggests, then grabbing a handful of chilli powder and hurling it into the eyes of the man would be a perfectly reasonable course of action.

The trial is ongoing.

Source and feature image: The Telegraph


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