Bloke Who Robbed Bank To Escape His Wife Sentenced To Home Confinement

The world is full of cruel and unusual punishments. Most of the time, we see the universe take its course and exact the necessary consequences for that individual. Sometimes, we need a judge to step in to dish out a punishment that is so deliciously suitable that I don’t think you could write a script about it.

Take, for instance, the case of Lawrence John Ripple, who after robbing a bank to hopefully land jail time in order to escape his wife was then sentenced to six months of home confinement.

Old mate’s story garnered national attention when he rocked up to the Bank of Labour in Kansas City, just a short way from the local police station, and gave a note to the teller. It read: “I have a gun, give me money,” which to me, sounds like a pretty fair request.

The teller forked over $2,924 and Lawrence proceeded to sit down in the bank’s lobby and wait for police to arrive. He later told authorities that he had written out the note in front of his wife and told her he would be in prison than at home. Ouch.

On top of the six months of home confinement, Lawrence will also serve three years of supervised probation, including 50 hours of community service. He was also ordered to pay $227.27 to the bank he robbed — the amount representing the billable hours for bank employees who were sent home on the day of robbery — and $100 to a crime victims fund.

So there you go, hopefully, he’ll be able to reflect on his actions by spending some quality time with his wife.

Source: Kansas Star


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