Bloke Loses Driving License 49 Minutes After Getting It

Ah life, such a cruel temptress who can take away things just as quickly as she gave them out in the first place. In this case, filling you with euphoria that you’ve finally finished your pain in the arse driving test only to be told you’ll have to do the whole thing again and pay a fuckload more money.

That’s exactly what happened to one German teenager, who upon completing his driving test, decided to celebrate the best way he knew how: absolutely blasting his engine and making himself look like a right tit in the process.


The driver was clocked going over 95 km/h in a 50km/h zone, which, in translation means this driver is absolutely fuuuuuucked.

Apparently, this young buck had four friends in the car with him, which might explain why he was so keen to do something so stupid after passing his test.

Coppers have formally banned him for 4 weeks, but in order to drive again he’s going to have to do a fuckload more testing a pay a bunch of money.

Oh, he also copped a $300 AUD fine, two points on his licence once it is restored, and his probationary period as a new driver has been lengthened from two years to four.

As the German coppers said, “Some things last for ever – others not for an hour,”


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