Australian Man Absolutely Destroys Kangaroo in Punch-up

There really isn’t anything more Australian than things like Kangaroo’s, the bush, looking after your loved ones and a good punch on. Usually, most of these things don’t go together in the same situation however a video that has gone viral since being uploaded on Sunday proves that wrong.

The video shows a man rushing in to protect his dog from a pretty scary looking ‘Roo, before the pair square up to each other as if they were having a brawl outside a Sydney nightclub.

Greg, the bloke involved, wastes no time and proceeds to right hook the beast onto another planet, leaving the marsupial wondering what the hell just happened. Honestly, I’m disappointed no one yelled “WORLD STAR.”

Moral of the story: don’t mess with a mans dog.

That being said, animal cruelty is incredibly shitty. Please don’t drive around and start boxing on with Kangaroos.


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