Bloke Named Wes Made a Christmas Tree Out of VB Tinnies

Photo: Wesley Boyd

There’s an age old adage which says “Jesus died for our tins,” and it seems the boys from Mad Bogan have certainly proven this to be true. Standing at over 4 meters high, Wes from Beechboro and his mates have constructed what might be the most Australian Christmas tree of all time. The “tree” is made up of precisely 2,536 VB tins and took over 12 months to put together. There’s also a space under the tree for presents to go, just in case Santa feels like foot falconing it to the Bottle-o to pick up a couple of slabs.

If sinking an insane amount of piss isn’t good enough, all of the efforts went towards raising money and awareness for Alzheimer’s. The towering monument to Australian alcoholism even lights up and appears to feature a literal “Tin Man” at the very top. Expect to see it in an Australian take on “How the Grinch Stole Christmas (and a pack of Winnie Blues)” coming to legitimate cinemas soon.


Written by Ethan Gould


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