Apparently Kim Jong-un Has Been Using Old Google Earth Pics To Pinpoint Nuke Targets

When considering the sophisticated technology that Governments and special agencies around the world use to pull off their devilish plans, we simpletons can only imagine what the big wigs of the world are getting up to when they’re seated around the round table.

Unmanned stealth planes? Earth destroying lasers? Maybe even a milkshake machine that works past 9 pm so I can get a half decent shake from Maccas???

Well, not quite. According to new propaganda pics released by North Korea, it looks like old mate Kim has been studying pics of the Anderson Air Base in Guam that were taken by Google Earth, at least 6 years ago.

Nick Henson at Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation, told Voice of America that the evidence suggests that North Korea doesn’t actually have any satellites of their own, and has to use publicly available images from the internet.

Which, probably explains why their aim is so piss poor.

Ths is all comes after the UN unanimously passed its toughest ever sanction package against NK, banning the countries textile exports and and capping crude oil imports.

In response, North Korea’s envoy to the UN has claimed that America “forthcoming measures” will “make the US suffer the greatest pain” it has ever experienced.

Adding to that heartfelt message, North Korea’s ambassador Han Tae Song had this to say at a recent conference in Geneva:

“The Washington regime fired up for political, economic, and military confrontation, [is] obsessed with the wild game of reversing the DPRK’s development of nuclear force which has already reached the completion phase”.

Sweet as, shouldn’t be too long till we get to see this bomb we’ve been hearing so much about!


Source: The Independent 


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