An Australian-Themed Bar in America Is In The Shit For This Didgeridoo Shooter

As Australians, we take a pretty relaxed approach to life. We tend not to sweat the small stuff and we’re certainly not the most politically correct nation out there. Which is why it’s probably not surprising when an Australian-themed bar in America recently caught some flak for displaying the same bluntness that we pride ourselves on.

Oz Restaurant and Bar, located in Virginia, came under fire for using a didgeridoo as the delivery mechanism for a four-in-one novelty shooter. An image advertising the US $20 drink special was posted on the establishment’s Instagram account and was promptly criticised for being insensitive to Indigenous Australian culture.

The image was quickly taken down but the damage has already been done. Users began reposting the venue’s original post as well as leaving comments on the bar’s other social media posts.

Speaking to, a spokesperson said “it was kind of a fun thing to do, or at least we thought so.” Apparently, the venue didn’t expect “all the negative feedback from Australians on Instagram and on our Facebook page,” and that there were “no negative intentions” behind the promotion.
The venue’s representative also claimed the drink promotion, which has been in place since the venue opened more than a year ago, had “never been an issue” before now.
At the time 0f writing it is unclear whether the venue plans on taking the drink off the menu or better yet, apologising.
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