Alcohol Makes The Pain Go Away, Study Finds

People have been using alcohol to solve their emotional pain for centuries. The tradition of grabbing a bevvy when life hands you a big ol’ shit sandwich makes things a little more tolerable and feeling the comforting cuddle of intoxication sweeping over you is pretty damn nice too.

It seems the age-old adage of “It’ll fix ya up” may not be too far off the mark, as a new study has found that alcohol not only helps lift you up when you’re feeling down, but it can help physical pain too. Is there anything booze can’t do?

According to recent research from the very metal-sounding Journal of Pain – a peer-reviewed science journal and not some melancholic teenager’s diary- alcohol could be as good at treating physical as actual medication.

Seeing as pain is purely subjective – what makes one person howl in pain could barely register a flinch with someone else – it’s notoriously difficult to measure pain universally.

However, by corroborating 18 previous studies about pain and alcohol, authors of the study were able to do some tricky math and discovered that increasing the blood alcohol content (BAC) to 0.08 percent increases the pain threshold and creates a “large reduction” in pain intensity ratings.

So basically, having a few standards when you’re writhing in pain could offer significant relief. Authors of the study reckon that “Taken together, findings suggest that alcohol is an effective analgesic that delivers clinically relevant reductions in ratings of pain intensity.”

While this revelation might be helpful for convincing a friend to scull a beer when they’ve twisted their ankle, it’s pretty unlikely that doctors will start prescribing shots. You’d have to consume enough alcohol to numb the pain that it isn’t actually good for the rest of your body, but that hasn’t stopped you before.

So there ya go folks, alcohol tests great, gets you drunk and alleviates pain. Time to crack one open.

Source and Image: Munchies



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