Airbnb No Match For The Pure Might Of An Australian Piss Up

It’s a conversation you have with at least one person, usually a precautious and timid owner. The typical “Haha just don’t throw a crazy party” with soulless eyes that let you know that they most definitely are not having a laugh.

Which to be fair, if I was a responsible homeowner letting sus 20-something-year-old blokes stay at my beautiful pad, I’d certainly be letting them know that I won’t be coming round at 3 am to deal with a noise complaint from the neighbours because they’ve been playing ‘Horses’ for 6 hours.

One Airbnb owner who did not share that foresight is very likely regretting it, after an amount of frivolous debauchery the likes of which have not been seen before on the Aussie Airbnb party circuit absolutely fucked his home.

Police were called to a “heavenly” seaside home in Altona, Victoria that had been absolutely wrecked after a house party got violent, causing over $150,000 in damages.

What was once described as a “seaside stay in one of Melbourne’s prime locations by the sea”, has been absolutely transformed by 70 of the world’s worst tradies/party goers.

As the chaos spilled onto the streets residents tried to quell the storm but grew scared as they were harassed. They called the police who later arrived.

Police still aren’t too sure who the dickheads are, and they’re warning other Airbnb renters to keep a close eye on who they let rent their luxury homes.

Source: VICE


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