A Teacher Is Getting Fired For Making Their Students Breakfast During An Exam & The World Isn’t Fair

Exams are an absolute bitch already, but early morning exams that force you to get up before the crack of dawn so you can forget half the shit you learned because you’re tired as hell is honestly the worse.

One teacher from Pennsylvania obviously realised this, as the sweetheart started making his students breakfast in the middle of their exam.

Apparently, Kyle Byler brought in an electric griddle and started making whole-grain pancakes for each student. He was later told to expect to be fired for being a distraction during an exam and was suspended without pay.

“I don’t understand what I did wrong, to be honest with you. There was no infraction whatsoever,” Byler, 38, told LancasterOnline.com. “At no point was it any distraction for any of the students. They worked their butts off.”

There isn’t actually any rule about preparing food during tests, but it’s kind of common sense that whippin’ up a few batches of pancakes might not be highly appropriate.

However, his students froth him and were pretty pissed off at the decision to suspend him, even protesting outside the school for two hours.

The point was raised that most of the students are from poor economic backgrounds, and the breakfast he provided was likely the only thing they would eat that day.

It’s clearly pretty fkn harsh, I’m sure we’ve all looked up from an exam and wished someone would hit us with a tasty and nutritional whole-grain pancake. deeeelicious.


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