50 Cent Bought 200 Front Row Tickets To His Nemesis’ Show Just So They’d Be Empty

50 Cent’s trolling abilities are nothing short of legendary. His Instagram account has become a must-follow simply so you can see him roast his celebrity contemporaries all the while sounding like a dad who’s sending his kids a meme.

His long-standing feud with early 2000’s rapper Ja Rule is perhaps one of his most famous beefs, and aside from the Dave Chappelle sketch it might be the thing Ja is most known for.

Now, in a brand new development, it looks like 50 has upped his trolling game to the highest of levels by purchasing over 200 front row seats for a total of $3K off Groupon, purely so he could leave them empty and embarrass Ja Rule.

Now, that’s dedication to being a petty fucker.

50 even developed an artistic rendering of the event, which quite simply might be one of the greatest images to have ever graced the internet.

As much as you love the man, it’s quite easy to see how he was shot 9 times.


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