4-Year-Old Boy Drove a Toy Car 3km Through City Traffic Just To Get His Maccas Fix


Whether it’s 1 in the afternoon and you’re looking for a post-work feed or 5 in the morning and you’re a sloppy puddle of alcohol and poor choices, Maccas is there. An unwavering bastion of fine cuisine, McDonald’s consistently delivers the goods and sparks numerous daydreams all over the world.

Considering just how popular McDonald’s is, it comes as no surprise when hearing heroic tales of brave individuals endeavouring to get the deep-fried delicacies. Everyone has at least one story about how they defeated the odds and managed to get Maccas on the way home from town, despite only having 1 shoe, $2.45 in change and some very, very loose morals. The craving for McDonald’s is insatiable, when the Golden Arches call you, you must obey.

One 4-year-old from Taiwan knows this all too well, as the lad drove 3 kilometres through city traffic in a motorised toy car just to get his fix. It hasn’t been confirmed, but I’d like to imagine him cruising down the street, one hand on the steering wheel and bumping Eazy-E’s “Cruisin Down Tha Street” like the absolute G he is.

A couple of do-gooders noticed him driving down the street and realised it’s probably not the best idea for a child to drive a mini BMW through a packed city, so they let the police know. Police arrived and took the boy to the local station to wait for his parents, who had just arrived to report him missing. When asked where exactly he was going, the little legend answered with “On my way to McDonald’s to get some French fries.” Which might be the best response a 4-year-old could give a police officer.

It wasn’t reported whether or not the boy had any money on him to actually pay for his fries. I can assume he planned on walking in, slamming his nuts on the counter and receiving his fries purely out of respect.


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