The cambyo Intimacy Survey

Break down taboos and understand the changing landscape


If you want to jump right into it, you can TAKE THE SURVEY NOW. Otherwise, read on for more info.

We are still in the infancy stages of human sexuality research, and we know very little about this aspect of our lives. There is much we can collectively learn by donating a few minutes of our time to contribute to our growing understanding of human sexuality.

Our friends over at cambyo created this survey to understand the changing landscape of intimacy and educate the public on the new emerging truths. We all have the potential to be impacted by a greater understanding of sexuality. Free choice increases with consciousness.

Results from the survey will be shared in articles and white-papers in the coming months that you’ll be able to find on YFH. The final, anonymous, data will also be available to anyone who will find it useful, particularly those who are building a brighter future in the worlds of intimacy and sexuality. Get in touch with the cambyo team to request a copy of the data.

Please take a few minutes out of your day to be a part of the cutting-edge research.



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