Melbourne Woman Delays Ticket Inspection By Finishing Off Her 20 Minute Meditation

I’m pretty split down the middle with this story. On one hand, I have a fair bit of disdain for Government employees who’s job it is to dish out fines to scumbags like me. On the other hand, anyone taking 20 minutes to meditate on a train is someone I would very much like to avoid. Forever.

27-year-old Steph Athanasopoulos hoped that a Yarra Trams ticketing inspector would be understanding of her need to meditate, though this couldn’t be further from the case.

“I thought surely they’d understand, they will just think ‘ohh you’re meditating.

“She smacked on the window next to my head, then she banged the chair, then the bag on my lap, then she started kicking my feet,” Steph said.

“I looked down at my phone, checked the timer and just said ‘hey I am mediating I will be finished in six minutes’ and then closed my eyes.”

“I don’t think she took a breath from her constant berating, she was shouting ‘show me your ticket, by ignoring me you can be prosecuted, the police will get involved’.”

If I was that poor ticket inspector, I’d probably take this situation as a sign from God that I am simply not cut out for this life. I’d chuck my clipboard away and sit in silence until I could get a train the fuck out of there.

Want to know the absolute kicker? When asked by the ticket inspector if she knew what would happen if she waited for every passenger to finish their 20 minute meditation, Steph replied “The world would be a better place”

Ah Melbourne, never change.


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