Koala Breaks Into Man’s Car To Bask In The Glory Of Air Conditioning

Anyone that’s met a Koala can confirm that they are not quite the lovely creatures of Down Under that the rest of the world makes them out to be.

In fact, they have the smallest brain to body ratio of any animal which explains why they only eat eucalyptus leaves (a food with no nutritional value) and spend 80% of their time sleeping. They literally can not afford the time or energy to evolve as a species and as such they are doomed to eat food that slowly poisons them and scream like satan.

Well, it seems that one of our furry chlamydia ridden friends has a bit going on upstairs, as he managed to smuggle himself into one bloke’s unlocked car and bask in the aircon on a stinking hot day.

Australian winemaker Tim Whitrow was visiting a vineyard when he decided to leave his car open and aircon running so his dog could come and go as he pleased.

He wasn’t exactly banking on a Koala showing up, and promptly had to figure out how to get it out the car.

“After an already crazy week this happened today. Checking on fruit today in the New Alluca Wine vineyard I had left my door open for my dog to come in and out as she pleased with the A/C on,” he said on Facebook.

“As I was moving to another part of the vineyard I noticed that someone else was also in the car enjoying the A/C. It took a fair bit of convincing to get the feisty little fella out.”

Shout out to old mate for looking after the furry lil fella and making sure he’s all good. Humans and animals being bros truely is a beautiful thing.


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