Facebook And Insta Went Down And Cops Asked People Not To Call Them To Solve It

In what has been Facebook’s biggest outage since the company began in 2008, over 2.3 billion monthly users logged on today to find the familiar blue glow that comforts them daily wasn’t quite working.

Instagram also seems to be down, with users unable to post pictures or view some profiles. Which is really hindering my daily routine of spiraling into an existensial crisis after watching much more successful people having a better time than me.

In fact, people have started stressing so much that some folks in New Zealand have been calling the police in attempt to figure out what the fuck is going down.

NZ Police replied in a manner that actually didn’t seem frustratingly condescending, as is the case with most government social media accounts.

Thankfully, it seems the Police are taking preventative measures and no one has actually called in. Well, at least not today.

Sadly, it seems that the fall of social media is a global problem. With outages being confirmed in United States, Europe, Japan, Manila, Australia and New Zealand.

Thankfully there’s still plenty of shit talking to be done on Twitter, who much like a dive bar in the middle of a hurricane, is taking in absolutely anyone and everyone who has an urge to spout their useless shit.


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