Aussie Leaves Raw Steak In Car, Comes Back To A Well-done Treat

No one knows just how hot a car left in the sun can get than Australians. Every time we hop in the car thoughts of cracking an egg on the dashboard flash through our minds, getting branded with the seatbelt is a natural coming of age tradition and the sun’s reflection on the paint is brighter than my future.

One Victorian cafe owner discovered just how hot temperatures can get, as she left a raw steak in her car and came back to discover it had been cooked all the way through.

“Yesterday at 11am I put a porterhouse steak in my car which was parked in the shade and left it until 4pm,” the cafe wrote.

“It was very well done upon my return.”

“With this heatwave please remember never to leave children, elderly or animals in the car,” the post continued.

“Always check on elderly neighbours, ensure your pets have a way to keep cool and cool drinking water.”

A number of people were quick to call bullshit on the sun’s ability to cook a completely raw steak all the way through, but the cafe owner remained adamant that she was telling the truth.

“I also wasn’t sure what would happen when I put it in there either. I was just as shocked at the result as many others have been,” they wrote.

“I also believe we’re straying from my initial reason for doing such a thing, I wanted to remind people how dangerous this heat can be and that as a community we should be looking out for one another.”

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