Airline Employee Bottles Rowdy Passenger Over The Dome On Delta Flight

It’s quite normal to go stir crazy in a flight. The onboard alcohol service gets underway and you begin to wish you were literally anyone else than getting tipsy on a plane. One flight attendant had to chill one passenger out the old fashioned way, with a big ol bottle of wine to the back of the head.

You might think that’s a bit of an over the top reaction, but passenger Joseph Daniel Hudek IV was an hour into his trans-Pacific flight when he got out from the lavatory, asked a flight attendant a question, disappeared before a folding door before emerging to lunge and the plane’s exit door.

Apparently, Hudek wrestled with the door as several passengers and attendants tried to pull him away from the exit. Hudek gave a flight attendant the old one-two before reaching for the wine bottles and hitting a yet-to-be-identified passenger.

A flight attendant then gave him a taste of his own medicine by bottling him with two bottles of one, cracking one open in the process. Old mate appeared unmoved after taking a full litre of red wine to the face, and instead chose to shout, ‘Do you know who I am?’

“They broke two bottles of wine on his head,” a rattled passenger told KIRO7. “I tried to choke him and he just threw me off like a rag doll.”

The crew and a few other brave passengers were able to subdue Hudek, after binding his wrists with zip-ties as the Beijing destined flight was diverted back to Seattle. A flight attendant and at least one other passenger were both transported to a nearby hospital with facial injuries.

Hudek now faces up to 20 years in prison for interfering with flight crew members, and you could say his life is royally fucked. He was actually flying on a dependent pass due to his mother working at Delta, so fairly safe to say that’s been revoked.


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