Zippity Helps You Find A Job And Not Be Homeless

Photo via Zippity

In many ways, looking for a job is more stressful than actually working a job. That’s because unemployment strips us of two emotions which most people need for peace of mind: certainty and security.

In other words, most people agree that unemployment is a shitty well of confusion and poverty.

So let’s talk about the newest innovators in the employment-services game. They’re a company called Zippity and they offer a Queensland specific, hospitality and retail specific job search. It took us one minute to signup, build a profile and find a list of job-matches in our vicinity.

So here’s precisely how it can help you.

Zippity is built on the effectiveness of a few key features:

Workplace Culture

It’s difficult to predict how happy you’ll be in a job without knowing about the culture of a workplace. Zippity allows you to see behind the curtains of a brand and find out what it’s really like to work there. Navigate through employer profiles and peruse their reviews, photos, bio, description of company attitudes and the workplace environment and other important info (number of vegans or dogs in the office).

Resume Drop

Even if your dream employer isn’t hiring right now, let them know how good you are – no phone calls, emails or awkward conversations looking for the manager. Create a profile and employers will notice your skills. A Resume Drop is completely digital and can be done from anywhere with internet.


We previously referred to unemployment as a shitty well of confusion and poverty. So it only makes sense for Zippity to have a feature which helps you sift through all your job matches. The Z-Score is a ‘relevance percentage’ that takes into account locality, skills, requirements and availability to list your matches in order from most relevant to least. Don’t waste your time going through irrelevant searches again.



It’s not just the job itself that matters. Things like infrastructure and the distance to your workplace will affect your lifestyle (and sanity). Zippity’s Z-Maps feature shows you all of the amenities and transport facilities specific to your job-match areas. It’s a simple, elegant and easy way to search.



Word-tagging has changed the way we navigate through social media, and now Zippity’s applied the concept to your job search. Z-Tags allow you to control searches according to your abilities and your desires. It’s a more specific and efficient way find a match than clicking back and forth through those categorical dropdown menus until it feels like Groundhog Day.


And that’s it.

Simple, elegant, easy.

It’s like Tinder for finding a job and not being poor anymore. And it’s a completely free service, so they’re not selling you anything.

Zippity gave us a sneak peek into what they’re doing and right now they’re in pre-registration. If you’re a part of the first group to sign up, you’ll get unrestricted and exclusive access to the site for a limited time.

Trust us and go try it.


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