YFH And Zippity Want To Find You A Job You Love

I spent three years and $30,000 studying marketing at QUT. It was good, because studying is the gateway to a better life. It’s also the precursor to realising mantras like ‘spend money to make money’ are bullshit, because I spent a lot and made almost nothing. But I have a piece of paper that says I’ve filled out a bunch of multi choice tests and got more answers right than wrong, so my parents are stoked.

On the tail end of my university degree, I quit my job at Foot Locker to focus on my studies. As hard as it is letting go of other people’s feet, I managed to stay afloat. Six months later, I graduated. I gave myself a month of do-absolutely-nothing time, before launching myself into the employment hunt with youthful enthusiasm. I was unaware that my new piece of paper wasn’t all that different from the ones you get from toilet rolls.

Job-hunting is terrible, and even worse when you’re only just realising employers want experience and people skills and short skirts, not average marks in subjects like ‘Integrated Marketing Communications’. So I did the same thing as every person who’s just spent a car worth of cash on a university degree: take up an unpaid internship.

Eventually I got a job, because like everything in life, if you try hard enough and then the winds change at the exact same time you blink with your left eye, good things might come to those who sell their soul. But I haven’t forgotten how bad the hunt was. Even a job as simple as serving drinks wasn’t easy to obtain, especially when the majority of roles are snapped up by people who already know the employer.

With this in mind, the team at YFH (and myself) have paired up with Australia’s newest recruitment service, Zippity, to find two readers a job – pronto.

Formalities bore people who are preoccupied trying to find a way to pay rent, so we’ll keep the Zippity jib short: the Brisbane-based company use an intuitive and simple resume ‘drop off’ service to connect retail and hospitality companies with potential employees (you). You create a profile (resume) and put it in front of companies you want to work for. The best part? Even if your ideal company isn’t hiring, you can show them your best face for the next time you are.

As if Zippity isn’t easy enough, YFH have decided they will personally prepare your resume, do your headshots, find potential employers and even comb your hair. In doing so, they’ll offset some of the bad karma they’ve accrued over the past three years, all while giving Zippity the chance to show everyone how their platform is going to change the face of the job market.

So, do you want a job you love? Do you want money in time for your partner’s birthday? Do you want to escape the endless hole of arguing with your parents about ‘not doing enough with your life’? Do you just like the idea of dollars? We’ve got you covered.

We’ll be drawing two winners toward the end of March, then letting the public follow their wonderful journey into employment. We’ll even throw a party at the end of it all.



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